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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fine Grind is Lyrik now!

Thanks for following what we've been doing, and your support.
Finally, we are ready to take over the shop.
It is a process that started about 2 months ago... and finally, the change... that is still going... many changes still to come...

Please check our new blog, and soon our new website

Thank you,
J.Shea and Keiko

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Coming soon: Lyrik!!!!

Joe and I bought the shop in January of this year, and slowly, here and there, we've been making changes to make this shop into something special... a place where our friends will come and hang out, make new friends, be part of the community that surrond us...
We feel like we are getting there... and our next step is changing the name and graphic to something that will represent us better.

It took us 2 months, and we decided that it will be Lyrik (after our cat Liric)... and we are so lucky that we found a character in a Yoskay's painting that is just perfect!

Here is our new logo.... character by Yoskay Yamamoto and lettering by Joe Shea:

And here is our daaaughter (photo also by Yoskay :) ) :

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

bryon schroeder solo @ the finegrind arts cafe

local artist & curator bryon schroeder has invaded the fine grind arts cafe with a fresh solo exhibition titled......"love / hate".... the gallery's 1st solo exhibit to date........ schroeder is the co-owner of igloo gallery in downtown portland......... he is also know for his amazing shoe design skills internationally........ but this exhibit is filled with his fine art............ in all forms of mixed media....... like painting...... collage......... paper sculpture....... and assemblege ........... drop by and check it out........... if your in the neighborhood.........

"love /hate"
an exhibit of mixed media work by bryon schroeder
on exhibit till october 22,2009
the fine grind arts cafe 2035 se 39th ave. @ lincoln portland,or. 97214

Monday, September 28, 2009

Changes... changes.... changes...

Since we became the "new owners" of The Fine Grind, we've been changing things here and there, trying to make a more comfortable space, more food options, drinks and now more drinks...
We've got our beer and wine menu, and now I am working on the appetizer menu...
Our hours are extended starting this week....
And the name change is happening gradually to Lyrik Food Arts Drinks.
Yoskay Yamamoto is making the new graphic, and Joe will paint the sign and lettering.
So, still... lot's to be done!

Thank you my friends for beeing around.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Taiko is back at Richmond Elementary School!

Kazuyo (taiko sensei) will focus on the Taiko skill especially " Ma" in Japanese this year.
Accordingly to her, " Ma/ 間 is space and moment. Taiko music has a uncountable moment during the song, this is the different part from other music."
I am looking forward to start taking her classes!
Here is her schedule:

For Kids (2-3rd) class
· Grades 2-3rd
9/11 - 11/20 Fri
2:20-3:20pm + Japan Fest performance
· 4th& up
(no permission required)
Tue 2:20-3:20 &
Fri 3:30-4:30
9/11 - 11/20

· Adults& Kids
Tue 9/22 -11/10
$125 for 2 people

· 9/29 - 11/17
Tue 7- 8:30pm $99

For more information, e-mail Kazuyo at

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Coexisting" show opening

"Coexisting" Photography show - two artists...two show- is at The Fine Grind until mid September. Please come by to check it out.
We are very pleased with the new work hanging at the walls…
here are some pictures of the photographers, the opening party, and their work.

cristina mihaescu & ian james roberts and friends...

our mascot for the night.... the lost cat (that bites!)

"lizard king" by Ian
"piano" by Cristina

"Landscape" by Ian
"Firetruck" by Cristina

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Chinese Neighborhood Supper

Thanks for the great food, Peter!