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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Breakfast in Japanese

Japanese learning group was yesterday.
Unfortunately, I forgot to take some pictures…
There was a mix of beginners and fluent native speakers…. And some people in between, like me and Scott, who lived in Japan for 6.5 years!
For the next meeting, suggested by Emi-san and Yumiko-san, we will have everybody to talk about their “katte” (home/family) and some memorable “ryoko” (trip)…
We agreed that having some theme will allow everybody to prepare something to talk about with the group…. But you can come just to listen too if you feel like you are not ready to speak Japanese!
Thanks to the group, and especially to Emi, Aya, Yumiko, Kazuyo, and Keiko-san (Kazuyo's mother)! K

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