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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Metal Plaster Wood show artworks

From Kirby, a loyal customer: Like Andrew, the spirit behind the metal works in this show, I enjoy sitting in the far corner, consider that "pirate's corner". The fact that Brandon's skullhead looks so straight out of Hollywood, except darker, has me feeling very Johnny Depp, not my usual, plus these other two creatures are just as goofy. As Joe already knows, I'm a sucker for "manga" (he pointed me in the right direction). The wooden pieces inspire me with feelings of health and honesty (truth in advertising). This multi-media show is both generous and family friendly. Don't think you have to be a Jungian psychologist to love it in here. Today was especially fun in that I put a hunk of Flextegrity next to the cash register, with Keiko's permission of course, and retreated to my corner. An aircraft inspector started checking it out with has flashlight and mirror. What fun! Also, Keiko gave me a peek at their private collection, some of the sketches the artists have left, other drawings. I've added those to my slideshow for Coffee Shops Network, where I'm the marketing chief.

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